The results are promising, giving hope for future clinical development

RhoVac aims to prevent or limit metastases in cancers.
Anders Ljungqvist, CEO of RhoVac. Foto: PETER NØRBY

Treatment of cancer has improved drastically over the last ten years; however, we still see the cancer reappearing after initial treatment and most deaths in cancer are caused by the spread of this secondary cancer, metastasis.


Promising anti-cancer immunotherapy

The focus at RhoVac is to develop a drug with the potential to prevent or limit the reappearing and spread of cancer. To achieve this goal, they target the protein RhoC, highly expressed in metastatic cancer cells, which makes it an attractive target for anti-metastasis immunotherapy.

– Our product, RV001, stimulates the immune system to raise a specific T-cell response against high expression of RhoC. These T-cells then target metastatic cancer cells over-expressing RhoC, and eliminate the metastatic cells, says Anders Ljungqvist, CEO of RhoVac.


Currently in phase I/II

The aim is a product that in combination with another therapy such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, can combat cancer and avoid the disease to reappear. As RhoC is highly expressed in all metastatic cancer cells regardless of the origin, the product can be potentially applied in anti-metastatic treatment of a broad range of cancer indications.

We can already see that the results are promising

– RV001 is currently in clinical phase I/II development focusing on patients with prostate cancer; the results will be reported Q2 2018. However, we can already see that the results are promising, indicating a good safety profile and a significant immunological response, giving hope for future clinical development” says Anders Ljungqvist.

Skrivet av: Catharina Holm 2 februari, 2018